Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put a fridge in the resident’s room? What about other electrical appliances?
Fridges are not allowed in the bedroom however there are common area fridges provided in each wing. Permission needs to be sought from management before any other electrical appliances other than a TV, VCR or DVD player, Hi Fi or bedside lamp is brought in. Irons, kettles and electric heaters are NOT allowed.

Can I bring food into the facility?
Food, especially if they are home cooked must be dated with the date they were made and labeled with the resident’s name. Other non home cooked food must be dated with the date they were brought in or have a clearly marked date of expiry for processed foods. Cooked food will generally be thrown away by staff after 48 hours from the date they are brought in. Food brought into the facility for the resident cannot be shared with any other resident.

Are there visiting allied health professionals at Anzac Lodge?
There are podiatry and physiotherapy visits generally every 6 weeks. The frequency of physiotherapy may vary on a case by case basis. We have access to dietitians, speech pathologists, dentists and optometrists. Low care residents are responsible for all allied health costs.

Can I take the resident out for meals, outings or even a few days (social leave)?
If you are the authorized representative or have received written permission from the authorized representative of the resident, you may, however you will need to advise the care staff, sign out in the leave folder and consult care staff for longer periods of social leave eg. for medication, incontinence aids.

If you wish to discharge the resident home or to another facility permanently, please note that 7 days written notice is required. All accounts have to be finalized before departure.